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יחידת הרחבה M695

יחידת הרחבה MITEL M695

With the Mitel M695 Expansion Module, the IP telephones of the 6900 families (models 6920, 6930, and 6940) can easily be expanded by 28 buttons.

As a result, IP telephones help increase the productivity of users who need to keep an eye on a large number of lines or busy lamp fields.

6930 m695.jpg
​Key Features
  • 480x272 pixels, Backlit, Color Display 

  • Full duplex speakerphone 

  • LED Indicators 


  • SIP protocol 

  • VLAN, DiffServ/ToS QoS

  • G.711, G.722, G.723, G.726, G.729a, iLBC, Linear16 codecs 

  • Built-in 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch 

  • DHCP, Static IP Addressing 

  • 802.3af PoE Class 2 (2.4 W idle / 3.2 W active / 3.9 W max) 

  • Local PoE Adapter (optional) 

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