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The 3CX PBX is an IP-based telephony system that fully replaces the existing PBX, supports standard soft / hard SIP phones, VOIP services and traditional PSTN telephone lines.

The 3CX PBX is a convenient and easy to set up and operate switchboard that is based on the Linux / windows system, which allows a low cost compared to other PBXs because the customer does not pay for a machine but net for software.

(Of course you can also get a system installed and ready for hardware according to customer requirement).

The 3CX PBX is much less expensive than the traditional PBX PBX and significantly reduces call costs by using a VOIP service provider. The management system is based on browser interfaces (Web) and allows easy and simple management of the telephony system.

The 3CX PBX eliminates the use of the telephone line network and allows users to connect a hot desk by simply transferring the telephone device. The system also interfaces with Windows / Linux operating software, which allows monitoring the network very easily, the management system is activated in the Web interface. On the net.


The 3CX PBX frees the customer from dependence on the PBX supplier by being able to work independently and thanks to the Web interface, changes can be made to the system at any given moment and without the need for a PBX provider.

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