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IP intercom

The 2N IP intercom brings an innovative and original design, combining the best technology and high survivability.

IP intercom systems come with a variety of integrated functions and applications that give the highest level of management and use experience.

Advanced technology makes IP intercom systems an effective and efficient tool for any organization.

Notable features:

  • IP Intercom has been approved by Cisco Broadsoft and Avaya.

  • An IP intercom enables visitors to be identified through audio and video broadcasts.

  • IP Intercom Allows you to manage an IP intercom over the Internet or connect to a local LAN.

  • (The system can be connected to a sustainability authority, including attendance, security and automation systems at home).

  • IP intercom enables reliable asset and access control, easy installation and fast technical support.

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Helios IP Audio Kit IP Intercom


Helios IP Vario IP Intercom


Helios IP Verso IP Intercom


LTE Verso IP Intercom

lte side.png

Helios IP Base IP Intercom

Helios IP Vario.png

Helios IP Uni IP Intercom

Helios IP Uni.webp

Helios IP Safety IP Intercom

Helios IP Safety.jpg

Helios IP Force IP Intercom

Helios IP Audio Kit3.jpg

Helios IP Force IP Intercom

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