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IP intercom model LTE Verso


Combines minimal installation costs with a full set of features. Thanks to the use of LTE technology, no cables other than power cable are needed to enjoy all the functionality, such as video communication.


The main unit, which includes an HD camera, can be fitted with modules to support RFID, Bluetooth or a biometric reader.


An ideal solution without the need for advance preparation, thanks to an LTE connection that does not depend on wiring and existing response units. Together with the Mobile Video service the intercom offers a wide range of features, such as video calls to mobile devices and 2N answering units, just like a wired intercom.


Secure configuration via the cloud, after connecting LTE Verso to the LTE network, the Mobile Video service can be used to configure all the features from anywhere in the world via a secure VPN connection.


The 14 modules are available for selection, LTE Verso uses a standard BUS so it can be connected to any of the additional modules, for example RFID, Bluetooth or a biometric reader. All you have to do is choose the technology module that works best for you.

לצפייה בסרטון אודות טלפון פאנוויל IP דגם X7A לחצו

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